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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Practically Memorable!

A cup of LoOOooove, tablespoon of birthday celebation, and a pinch of a hotty are the perfect ingredients for you to be able to create a DOoDle notebook!

Having a hard time thinking what to give your man? think out of the box, try to create something memorable and useful just like I did! I gave my Hunk a DoOdle Notebook- notebook + scrapbook for his 17th birthday.

Because of lack of time and budget I wasn't able to give him presents that I used to give him in his past birthdays, so I decided to give him a notebook/ scrapbook, which I call the DoOdle notebook instead. At first, it was just supposed to be a scrapbook with my drawings in it, then I decided to turn it into a notebook, so that he'll always remember me when he's taking down notes. 

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