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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Collection Development to Finish Garment

In every collection there is always an inspiration, which is the first step in a design process and for my collection it is the "little black dress", the most essential thing to complete every woman's wardrobe. 

I wanted to make a filipino version of the little black, so I gathered clippings and made a mood board. 

Tip: Constant research is a must! Keep clippings and pegs for future use.

After conceptualising and gathering some pegs, the next step is to make a rough sketch. Don't finalise your work yet! There is always room for improvement, just keep on conceptualising and developing your work until you're satisfied.

After seeing my first sketch, I figured that I could still add something more to enhance my little black dress so I came up with another design. Sketch here, render that and viola! My filipino version of the LBD.

The final step in making a collection is constructing the actual garments, which is the hardest part of the process.

Actual Garments

We were asked to do 5 garments in a collection, but for this post, I'll only be showing three of my favourite designs.

Garment 1: laser cut bustier with see through skirt and a black tanga inside

Garment 2: See through bustier with laser cut on its center and a black soft tull layered skirt.

Garment 3: Laser cut top with mesh on the center and black skirt

My collection wouldn't be complete without these babies: modern terno sleeves paired with ankle strap shoes and black headband with a humongous flower.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pastels Ensemble

For a fresh and soft girly look, having garments of sherbet shades and macaroon hues are perfect for your wardrobe.

When I recently bought my top from one of my favourite shops, I knew it would be exciting for me to wear! There's just something about this top that's undeniably cute. It's definitely a gotta-have.

For a pretty pastel shades ensembles and to completely express my demure look, I opted to pair my top with a pink skirt - I like how the skirt complemented my top. The whole outfit invoked a ladylike figure in me.

True that! Pastel colours can be tricky. You can only wear them on daytimes but nevertheless they are very fashionable and flattering.

Top: EverNew/ skirt: Bershka / shoes: Forever 21

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tough Girl Look

Today, I felt like shedding my good girl image. Nothing says tough action chic like a black leather top.

Outfit of the Day

A black leather top is the way to go. It's one of the things you need in your closet because it looks good with anything and everything.

You don't need an awesome ride to have a tough chic attitude just pair your leather top with studded leggings.

Look extra tough with a pair of chunky heels - I love how comfy and light my shoes are.

 The last piece to complete every outfit is CONFIDENCE!!!

top: Stradivarius/ leggings: Topshop/ chunky heels: Topshop

Monday, February 2, 2015

Two Looks For My Mosaic Dress

One of the hardest projects that we have done in school is sewing and draping a mosaic dress. It's very hard and challenging. You really have to be meticulous in choosing the right print and texture of fabrics. Styling it on the other hand is a piece of cake. It's perfect for any event! It's very flattering and  easy to wear.

For today's post, I've posted two different looks for my Mosaic dress:

1. Dainty

Whenever I think about the word dainty, 1950's fashion always pops out of mind. 1950's was big on prints, which makes my mosaic dress a perfect example of a twisted modern version of the 1950's dress.

For more of a dainty feel, a light coloured blazer is a must.

Make sure to have a matching bag with the blazer.

2. Sporty

Who says dresses are only made for a dainty look? Well, I beg to disagree on that! Gone are the days where fashion is restricted. We are now living in a generation where we can mix and  match anything. Just like my mosaic dress and a baseball jacket dress for a sporty look.

For any girl who wants to go for a sporty look, make a baseball jacket your new best friend! 

Blazer: Sm Woman / Bag: Ever New / Booties: Forever 21/ Shoes: Michael Kors / Mosaic dress: Me (Denise Ching)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Do the 60's?

"Everything happens for a reason" and the reason why I look so dainty today, is because it's father's day and I was inspired by the 1960's look, which is the MOD fashion!

How to Do the 60's

1. Wear checkerboard prints

2. Wear pops of bright colors

3. Cat -framed sunnies is a must!

4. Wear a nude lipstick and a bouffant hairstyle!

Blazer: Blanc Noir/ Top: Bayo/ Checkered shorts: M)phosis / Bag: Wicked Sistuh's / Cat-framed sunnies: ALDO

Quote of the Day:

"God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters."

- John Henry Jowett -

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Morning Walk With Hershey

For my latest look, I've decided to be with the cutest and sweetest doggie ever! Guys, I want you to meet Hershey. Her name really suites her! She's brown and very very sweet. :)

Soooo... I had a very short mornin' walk with her, it was fun and hassle free because she's so tamed! She's the kind of dog that you would want to have.

Outfit of the Day

1. leather shorts

*this is one of my favorite shorts! It's very simple and it shows your cool side! :)

2. sunnies

* An awesome shorts must be paired with a cool eyeglasses!!! I really love the gold surrounding it , it makes it classy and cool.

3. Sequined bag

Love love love this bag!!!! I usually bring this to parties because it's flashy and I love its design :)

4. Booties

You've probably seen me wear this shoes lots of times already! It's because it's very comfy and I really find it nice... How I wish they have different colors of this.. I'm surely gonna earn for it!

So this how my day basically started: dressed up and had a short walk with Hershey! :D

top: H&M/ shorts: M)phosis / bag: Accessorize / booties: Springfield / Sunnies: K8 Los Angeles

Quote of the Day

"Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts."

- Charles Dickens-

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Apple of My Eye ;)

Are you inlove with dresses? If you are and you're looking for lovely, girlie and chic dresses, then you must visit Miss Selfridge at Greenbelt 5! They have a great collection for this season and here's a proof:

Miss Selfridge's Lovely Dresses!

* I honestly had a hard time choosing what dress to buy for fashion week, but after deliberating and consulting my mom, I've made a decision! 

Outfit @ Fashion Week

* I think I'm addicted to black dresses

I think all of their dresses are fabulous, but this stands out the most for me!

@ Home

I'm so happy that my shoes, bag and dress are alike! Looks like I'm meant to go to Fashion week

I also love my sister's dress! It looks elegant and cool at the same time.

For me, every dress deserves an accessory! That is why I wore my hair accessory with small roses, aren't they lovely?

@ SMX Convention

*Here I am with one of my bff's @ SMX convention having another selfie moment :))

Even though the fashion show was short, I still had fun watching Albert Andrada's works! They are really amazing and super duper inspiring, especially for a fashion design student like me. :D

Dress: Miss Selfridge/ Shoes: St. Francis Square Tiangge/ Hair Accessory: ALDO/ Bag: Mango

Quote of the Day:

"Look upon your chastening as God's chariots sent to carry out your soul into the high places of achievement."

- unknown-