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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wrong Mood

Most of us like any days of the week except for Monday because we're still not over the weekend, so to start my week right I wore something bright and colorful unfortunately my bright, colorful summery outfit didn't match the rainy weather. The sad part is my outfit got wet! so yeah yesterday was epic fail for me.

Summery Outfit on a Rainy Day

* My outfit is basically a mixture of a party/ summer loving gal! :))

leatherette from Topshop

In a dress, Valentino knot is usually placed on top ( the chest) but with my top, the designer placed it at the bottom.

Colorful top from CHAPS

May I  just share that I look futuristic if I'll put the shades on

Shady Shades from Archeology

Try matching your top with your shoes, it's so much fun!

Wedges with colorful straps from Aldo

Peacock feather earrings from Girl Shop

Hopefully our summer won't be wet (rainy)! I still want to wear broad brim hats and bumble bee shades.

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