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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Collection Development to Finish Garment

In every collection there is always an inspiration, which is the first step in a design process and for my collection it is the "little black dress", the most essential thing to complete every woman's wardrobe. 

I wanted to make a filipino version of the little black, so I gathered clippings and made a mood board. 

Tip: Constant research is a must! Keep clippings and pegs for future use.

After conceptualising and gathering some pegs, the next step is to make a rough sketch. Don't finalise your work yet! There is always room for improvement, just keep on conceptualising and developing your work until you're satisfied.

After seeing my first sketch, I figured that I could still add something more to enhance my little black dress so I came up with another design. Sketch here, render that and viola! My filipino version of the LBD.

The final step in making a collection is constructing the actual garments, which is the hardest part of the process.

Actual Garments

We were asked to do 5 garments in a collection, but for this post, I'll only be showing three of my favourite designs.

Garment 1: laser cut bustier with see through skirt and a black tanga inside

Garment 2: See through bustier with laser cut on its center and a black soft tull layered skirt.

Garment 3: Laser cut top with mesh on the center and black skirt

My collection wouldn't be complete without these babies: modern terno sleeves paired with ankle strap shoes and black headband with a humongous flower.

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