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Friday, February 10, 2012

Lax Outfit!

Do you feel like everyday is a fashion show? Well, That's what I feel every time I go to school, I see girls wearings awesome breeches, cool booties and boys wearing fedora hats and they inspire me to dress up well too and because of that my outfit can sometimes be "OA" and I'm proud of it! but right now I'm in my chill or lax outfit- comfortable clothes.


Some girls don't really prefer to look simple and I'm one of them! so for me not to look so plain and ordinary, I accessorized with my fedora hat.

Hat from Spring

I'm so happy that God invented leggings through men because leggings are more comfortable to wear than pants.

leggings from topshop

I'm a girl who really loves  to wear sleeveless top but right now I'm starting to love clothes that are long sleeves.

Stripes long sleeves from F21

I'm not really in the mood to wear flats right now, so I'm wearing Havana heels and I still feel comfortable because the heels are not that high anyway.

Havana heels from Nine West

Sometimes, it's also nice to wear not so extravagant clothes because you feel free and light like a feather!