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Friday, February 10, 2012

Basura Money

Containers Wag Itapon!

 When I was grade 5, I remember my filipino teacher telling us a short story. I can't remember what was the story about, but the only thing that I can recall is my teacher saying that "Binenta ng batang lalaki ang kanyang basura para magkapera" and for a young girl I was amazed! I never knew that you  can make money by selling trash at the junk shop. I have a knowledge about it but I never applied it. I was very wasteful when I was young I throw everything away even the old toys that I don't like. I started being practical when I entered high school, the value of money became important to me. I was starting to be a little kuripot and business minded. I wanted to earn money so I started doing baon system and I keep the allowance that my parents gives me, I also started compiling containers, newspapers and plastic bags to sell it in the junk shop. I really don't earn a lot, the maximum that you can probably get there is 200 php but it's still a big help because you're helping clean the environment and I believe that little money is better than nothing.

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