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Friday, February 3, 2012

Party Outfits!

Who wants to party tonight? I Do! because I'm partying with my friends tonight, I've listed down 10 party outfits in my blog, and here they are:

The Wild
I call this the wild simply because the boob-tube dress has a big tiger print on it. So for it to look extremely fierce and wild, I matched my dress with my pumps that has fur.

Valentines Rockstar
I so loooove this dress because it's venus cut and it's red! to complete the party rockstar look, let's matched it with chopines, I call it as such because it looks sorta like chopines and I'm not sure of how people call it!

I call this outfit Ruby because it's red and it reminds me of the show Ruby that used to be shown in ABS-CBN. It's really cute to matched the dress with my red pumps. Watcha think?

Queen of hearts
This was my outfit on my 17th birthday at 7th high, last year.

The Bronze Age
I usually wear body-con dressed on parties. So for a change, I'll wear this shimmery top with my black mini-skirt later.


I bet you guys already have an idea why I call it as such! Anyway, just want to let you guys know that this black shimmery top isn't what it looks like before. It used to be just a shimmery top with cap sleeves then I took 'em off and added feathers on it.

Classy Punk

To lessen the punk look, I paired my black to with my classy golden pants.

Time is Gold
I'm not referring to any time here, I just don't know what to call this outfit.Anyway, to make my outfit super glamorous, I matched my top with my silver wedges and just so you know I matched it with black leggings I just didn't take a picture of it.

Bear Hug

I super love this skirt. I love it because it's fury and I matched it with my fury pumps. F.Y.I i'm addicted to furs, sorry to the animal lovers.

The Fierce Leopard

That's all folks! I hope this gave you some ideas what to wear when partying in clubs or house parties, even if you guys don't really need it. I know all Filipinos are fashionable enough to pull off whatever outfit their going to wear.

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