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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something Different

What did you do on Valentines Day? I'm sure you wore something red and you ate out at a fancy restaurant for dinner. I bet I'm right because my valentines day was just like that last year, but not this year! To try out something new, Chjog and I  had a picnic grove with our casual attire in my garden. Congratulate me! He liked the pizza that I prepared for him.

My Post Valentines Day Attire

I told you my outfit was casual! I'm flaunting the ribbon on my hair :))

Ribbon hair tie from Watsons

I decided to wear my floral blouse to make me feel like I really am in a picnic grove

* Choose an outfit that is appropriate to the occassion

Floral blouse from Promod, Blue A- shape top from F21, and black shorts from The Ramp

protect your eyes from the sun and look fashionable with your favorite shades

Wouldn't it be nice if your shades matches your outfit?

Shades from Topshop

Wear comfortable shoes when your outside, but pls. don't wear flipflops unless you're in the beach!

Back strap flats from Neutralizer

I make it a point that my accessories match my outfit

Rose ring by Me, and Apple ring from On The Verge

I realize that celebrating Valentines Day doesn't have to be expensive, its really the thought that counts. You'll feel good about yourself if you know that you've work hard for something and your special someone appreciates it!

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