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Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ;)

You gotta agree with me that mom's are the best shopping buddy that a girl can ever have! OK, maybe not all, but I'm just so bless to have mommy Dette as my mom, she has great fashion sense and she says yes to almost everything!

Girlin' up with Make-Up Forever

Here's my mom trying out the make-up and enrolling us for Make-Up Forever's summer classes


As you can see, the girl is putting eyeliner to make my mom's eyes look bigger.


my mom's conclusion about Make-up Forever's make-up: Their water proof  set of make-up really last forever! Their waterproof eyeliner is so hard to remove even if you remove it with make-up remover.

Accessorizing at ALDO

* I remember my classmates in 4th year calling me ALDO girl because they think most of my accessories are from ALDO.

What I also love about my mom is that she encourages us to try  fitting  on clothes and accessories and she tells us to take pictures while we're still wearing them :))

This is me and my sister! I cannot accept the fact that she's almost as tall as me :))

Nothing is better than bonding with your sister

Mom's style me likey!

Whenever my mom buys new shoes, its usually my sister and I who uses it! Its because the three of us have the same shoe size.

Sometimes we might have short comings with our mom's, but always remember that she's your no. bestfriend besides God, and don't forget to thank her for giving you this chance to live.

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