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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Voluptuous Lips Xx

What is your asset? for girls like Angelina Jo, Julia Roberts, Anne Curtis and my sister, Maggie their asset is their lips.  To get juicy and voluptuous lips I recommend the following products;

1. O-plump Smashbox- makes your lips plump and pink. It's a silky lip enhancer, which transforms from clear into pink.

Warning: It's spicy

2. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation- it's nude and it makes your lips plump! I love its scent btw

3. L'action- really does the action! Apply it  for 1min and Viola! You got yourself a kissable lips.

Tip in Making Your Lips Look Fuller

Before applying lipstick, get a lipliner that is lighter than your lipstick.  Use the lipliner to define the outermost part of your lip line, then apply lipstick with your lipgloss to make your lips shinny because this gives an illusion that lips are full. 

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