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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disappearing Shadows

When I was grade 6 to 3rd year high school, one of my insecurities was having dark underarms, caused by the friction of the shave and too much plucking of the underarms, but that didn't stop me from wearing sleeveless. I still wore sleeveless even if my armpit was dark, I don't raise 'em high anyway! Then after a year, my family and I went to my tita's house in Tagaytay Canyon Woods, while having a conversation with my tita's girlfriend , she introduced me to BEAUTY WHITENING CREAM. This baby is magic! it made my underarms white after 7 days.


Raise 'em up!

Be Proud


My one and only message to my fellow gal pals, who are facing some insecurities that I used to face is not to let these flaws stop you from doing what you love and achieving your dreams. Make these flaws be your asset! Be confident and be proud of it.

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