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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

What are your guilty pleasures? Just like some of you girls, I love snipping make-up and just stocking them in my trolley. It's my mannerism ever since, but I think it's gonna be all worth it! Who knows I might become a proffessional make-up artist someday.

What's Inside You're Make-up Kit?

These are some my buddies! I bring them to school everyday for emergency. For me, make-up are one of the best creations made by man. They correct and enhance facial features such as our eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips and our face shape.

Inside my make- up kit are:

1.) Vivid mirror- It's a cool mirror because it has lights so that you can use them in the dark

2.) Nars Lipstick- I really love the color! It's fuchsia pink.  Use it for events or parties because it has a high color intensity, don't use it for your everyday look because you won't be able to achieve your maquillage du jour/  day look

3.) Bodyshop Concealer- It covers unwanted dark circles and pimple marks

4.) In-style mascara- it's not just any mascara! This mascara makes my lashes longer and it's purple.  Use for your avante garde / audibiche look

5.) Bronzer- enhances my facial features such as my cheek bones and nose line. It is use after putting powder and foundation.

6.) smash box blush on-  Put it in small amounts because it has a high intensity of color. It is best use for fashion shows since fashion shows require models to wear thick make-up

7.) Smash box shadow cream- it has three cream shadow + shimmer in one container. Wear smokey eyes when parting, it makes you stand out among the crowd.

8.) Tattoo eyeliner stick- makes my eyes look bigger. Use it for your everyday look!

9.) eyebrow powder correcter- fills in the spaces of my eyebrows. use it for your everyday look!

10.) Tinted eyebrow gel- makes my eyebrows look more natural

11.) Prestige loose powder- feels light on the face

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