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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Punk Fashion Style

I'm sure all of us are familiar with punk fashion! We associate punk fashion with eccentric hairstyles, black clothing and big jewelries. Punk fashion developed in the 1980's in USA and there are different styles in punk fashion and they are: Anarcho punk, Celtic punk, Dance punk, Glam punk and a lot more.

I'm really not into eccentric hairstyles and thick eyeliners so, I'll be calling my style "SIMPLE PUNK" and i'm proud of it.  Simplicity in this case is still the best for me.

Different styles

 1.) Anarcho punk- Militaristic clothing

2.) Celtic punk- fashions with Irish and Scottish fashion

3.) Dance punk- worn with studded jackets, chains and combat boots

4.) Glam punk- drain pipe pants is a must!

Try combining these different punk fashion styles and make your own masterpiece!

Star bracelet: Aldo Accessories/ Strappy french heels: Nine West/ Sequined drawstring bag: Zara/ Black top with feathers: MNG

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