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Friday, November 9, 2012


 Heloooooo............MEZZA NORTE!

For the past few weeks, my sister and I had been wanting to go to mezza norte it's just that we couldn't because we both had a "hectic schedule", but now.... I'm happy to say that we finally experienced Mezza norte!

I know it looks crappy in the picture, but it really isn't! It's really nice here, I'm sure you'll enjoy the bright lights surrounding the place and even though there are lots of people, you won't be having a hard time finding seats because the place is surrounded by restaurants.

What's your dinner?

You guys can expect booths selling delicious - looking food in Mezza Norte, but what really caught my attention awhile ago was this.... (look below)

Doesn't this look deadly delicious?

Some had there own marketing strategies! For this booth, they had a food sample, which I think is great because food can be deceiving, they might look good but they really taste bad.

I really don't know what that stage is for, let's just hope that there is a band playing every fri and saturday!

You see guys, it's ok to eat unhealthy food once in awhile! Just think of it as your bonus for exercising too much, besides depriving yourself too much can make you fatter.

The next round of my food trip is............... DESSERT!

If i'm not mistaken, I bought these delicious and mouth watering cakes from Cakes K

I chose Devil's cake for my dessert! The cake was really good, especially the icing although the name really sucks....... It would have been better if it was called "Heaven's Gateau"

That's basically my evening today!  I hope you had fun reading my blog post :)

Today's verse:

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you: He will never let the you fall."

Psalm 55:22 NIV

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