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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fashion Lovin'

Just like other girls, I loooooove dressing up, I love wearing elevated shoes and carrying bags, such a privilege! Fashion  is just really fun and exciting, it boosts confidence/ self-esteem and it inspires people to look good.

I'm sure most of us love fashion! We love it because it's a way of expressing ourselves and our feelings, and right now I feel like i'm classy and vintage that's why I wore this:

I soooooo love my hat and my gloves, they made me look girlier in this picture.

Classy for me, is looking independent, powerful and bossy and that navy blue hat and blazer says it all!

I believe that everything has a purpose and the purpose of gloves is not just to make your hands warm but also to make you look fab! That's why you should consider buying one.

dressing up is easy but looking great is a lil' hard! It's hard because for you to look great, you have to choose the right accessories, and the right color combination of clothes so start planning your outfit ahead of time/ a day before.

Crop top: Topshop/ Hat: Sm Department store/ Gloves: Ever New/ Bag: Coach/ Skirt: Nafnaf

Quote for today:

"The most valuable gift ou can give another is a good example."

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