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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Vain Hobby!

Photo shoots is one of the things that I loooooooove to do! I love looking at the camera, trying my best to look fierce and feisty. Anyway, I just want to share/ show you guys the outfits  that I wore on the photo shoots  that I've had with Jude Uypuangco before.

May 27, 2012

This was my 2nd photo shoot  at Modelo Pilipinas for my set card! Sooo.. sad that I lost my first photo shoot photos. :(

I was so happy that Modelo Pilipinas got me as their model!

This lovely top used to be my favorite that's why I wore it on the first set!

For the 2nd set of the photo shoot, I chose to wear a lacey top! I really find lacey tops so sexy.

Dec 8,2012

My 4th photo shoot with Jude Uypuangco was at my house, and this time it wasn't for a set card or anything it was just for fun!

I really don't have theme at that time! I just really want a picture with my car.

My car made me realized that yellow and black are  good combination :)

I also didn't know what look I was trying to achieve here, I just grabbed anything there is in the closet! Thank God I didn't look like a mess.

What I love about Jude Uypuangco is that he makes photos so unique and extraordinary! I'm so happy I've met him.

So these are the pics of the photo shoots that I've had in the past, I'm probably having another one hopefully this month! I hope  you enjoyed looking at my blog post.

Photos by: Jude Uypuangco

Quote for the Day:

" Don't try to hold God's hand: let Him hold yours. Let  Him do the holding, and you do the trusting."

- Hammer William Webb- Peploe

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  1. Really like your style!!