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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sweet Treats

Just like my mom, I loooooooooooooove sweets! I love chocolates and these: 


 You see, I'm very picky when it comes to perfumes/ body spray I only buy sweet  ambrosial perfumes but D&G Light blue is an exception because it's my favorite!


I'm sure most women out there including me, want to have a shinny long hair but have you ever thought of having a shinny great scented hair?

You might want to try these sweet treats:

1. Beauty Rush's Wink Wink (Flirty Blackberry and Sparkling Violet)- This isn't just shampoo it's also a shower gel and it will surely captivate you with its scent!

* What I like about wink wink is that its really creamy, its not malabnaw and it really smells "Great" it makes me want to eat it

Second to my list is.............

2. Sexy Girl Hair Cologne

Were all familiar with body cologne/ perfume, but a hair cologne? Seriously? I'm amazed! I wonder what's next.

3. Sugar Candy Body Mist

* Don't be surprised if ants bite you! It's because of this Body mist, it smells like chocolate. 

4. Berry Sugar

* I really like this Body Mist for its fruity sweet scent! If only Blue berries really smell like this, I'd eat lots of it sigh........

5. Cotton Candy Spoiled Princess Cologne

* They say its cotton candy, but it smells more of a bubble gum for me and I loooove it! I sooo love the smell of bubble gum and I love bubble gum ice cream too 

6. Snow Fairy Shower Gel

* You wouldn't think twice on buying this!I mean look at it, it "looks" delicious, it smells nice and its pink I'm sure your gonna grab it instantly just like I did.

I'm really happy that I got the chance to have a snow fairy shower gel, but sad (not that sad) at the same time because its limited edition, so this will be the first and the last .... Ohhhh well!

*These things are sweet but nothing can be sweeter than saying "I Love You" to the people you looooooove."

Sexy Girl Hair Cologne:  Hongkong/ Blueberry Sweet Body Mist: Eastwood city/ Spoiled Princess Cologne: Club Princess, Rockwell/ Snow Fairy Shower  Gel: Lush, Shangrila Plaza

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