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Friday, February 10, 2012

Evading Damaged Hair

Hair Evolution

Just like other girls, I love styling my hair. I tried rebonding and perming it, and every year I just had to change my hairstyle weird mentality right? Because of too much styling, my hair got damaged. From having long shinny hair, it became dull, frizzy and ugly. My hair became one of my insecurities and so, I was desperate of having my old hair back. I researched about having healthy hair and right now I'm happy how my hair turned out to be.

Healthy Hair Strategies
1. Massage Hair everyday to stop hair loss and to make it healthy
2. Sud up less often because shampoos have chemicals that can damage hair
3. treat your locks with conditioner
4. brush your hair right after applying conditioner to protect your fragile stresses
5. Take a bath with cold water to make hair shinny and to prevent hair loss
6. Don't brush hair if its still wet because hair is weak when its wet
7. Use silk pillow to sleep to avoid friction on your hair
8. Use hot oil once a week to keep your hair moisturize 

Hair Tools and Products

Paris Hilton Brush- Makes my hair curl

Pink comb- comb your hair vertically

Hair masseuse/ masseur- I used this to massage my hair while shampooing

It protects my fragile stresses from the sun

Denman Compact Brush- makes my life so much easier because the mirror is already with the brush

Wide teeth brush- helps spread the oil all the way down to my hair

Hope you guys heed my tips because it's really worth to try! 

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