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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dress to Impress

Who knew that I would be part of The Teen Ambassador of the Earth 2012? I also can't believe it! Honestly, it might sound dumb but I didn't know that it was a pageant at first, I didn't know what I'm getting myself into. My friend, Josel referred me to his friend as a candidate and I took the opportunity just for the photoshoot and the next thing I knew is that I'm already part of the competition. Lucky right?

The Required Outfit!

Yes! Green is the required color of our top for the photoshoot!

* On my observation the way you pull off your outfit really makes a big impact!

I know for most of us, we usually wear a shirt or a tank top so to make me outstand among others, I chose to wear a long sleeve top!

I realized that you don't have to show too much skin to look sexy! It's how you take care of yourself and your body that makes you sexy.

If your wearing a green top make sure to wear earth color accessories, tribal colors would also be nice.

I just love wearing belts whenever I 'm in shorts, it makes me look more Fasyon!

Bring out your outstanding side by impressing people with your fashonable outfit!

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