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Monday, February 27, 2012

You Make Me Shine!

Did you know that some girls use their nails in flirting?  Yes! its true that's why some of us wants our nails long and shinny, but because we love to put too much nail polish it sometimes damages our nails and it makes our nails dry and dull. To bring back our long shinny nails, use  Oro Gold.

Nail Polish or Oro Gold?

Right Guess! it's Oro Gold

I have an amazing fact for you guys! Did you know that Cleopatra uses gold on her skin?

Steps in Using the Magic

 to make your nails shinny, use the white rectangular buffer!

1. Rub the ruff side on your nail plate, then use the smooth side of to make your nails shinny

2. put drops of oils on your nails to add extra shine and to make your nails moisturize.

SOmetimes we disregard the small things that we have in life because we think that they are useless, just like our nails but let us remember that whether big or small, everything/ everyone has an important role to play in life so, let us take care of our nails by making 'em look pretty.

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