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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Time in a Long TIme!

Have you guys ever experienced buying something and never used it? Well, I have! In fact this floral pink skirt in the picture is what I'm talking about. I bought this skirt last year with my mom and now is  the first time that I'll be using it. To tell you honestly, I can't find the right top to match my skirt except for my pink spaghetti strap top, which I just thought about last night.

I realized that matching clothes before buying an outfit is important to save yourself from buying things that you won't eventually use.

Pink floral skirt from NafNaf

I never knew that my floral blouse would be perfect with my pink floral skirt! You really have to experiment on your clothes to know their perfect match.

Pink spaghetti strap top from Bayo

choose the right accessories for your outfit!

Bag from Charles and Keith

If you're having a hard time looking for a top that will match the bottom, choose something that has the same color.

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