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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spot The Difference!

Can you guys spot the difference? Well, the hair is pretty obvious but aside from that there are lots of difference in the picture and they are:

1. shoes- as you can see here, I'm wearing a wedge on the left side of the picture and an orange stiletto heels on the ride side of the picture.

2. Shades- I'm wearing a cat shape eye glasses on the left side of the picture and an oval shape eye glasses on the right side.

3. earrings- It's not really that obvious, but if your very observant you'll notice that my earrings on the left side id color orange and yellow on the right side.

4. necklace- again it's not really that obvious but i'm wearing a lovely butterfly necklace on the left side and a blue feather necklace on the right side.

If ever you guys are going to repeat an outfit, you really don't need to repeat the same accessories. Try looking at your drawers and look for accessories that will match your outfit!

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