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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Secrets Revealed!

Summer, my favorite season is just about to come so you know what that means! It means a lot of fun under the sun and more dry skin since most of us will be spending are summer vacation in the beach. Where will you spend your summer vacation?  Just like most people, I love spending my summer vacation in the beach, I love to be in a bikini/ tankini and I love to swim in the ocean but I hate having dry skin because of the exposure under the sun. I bet you do to! so to prevent skin from drying we have to keep on putting sunblock and lotion every morning and after every 2 hours.

I know putting sunblock and lotion helps a lot to keep or skin moisturize ,but for me it's not enough! I also want my skin to be smooth that's why I use OLIVE OIL on my skin every night.

My Beauty Secret Shhhhhh......

When I was in the car on my way home, I was listening to an afternoon radio show and the Dj's were giving some beauty tips. One of their beauty is to use Olive oil to make your skin smooth and moisturized. I honestly felt weird about it at first, but I still tried it and I'm happy about the result so far. The Olive oil really made my skin smoother and moisturized, I tried to scratch my arm the next day  to see if my skin was dry and there's NADA! 

"Get a healthy looking skin without spending too much!"

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