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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-colonial Fashion

What ticks you off the most? I'm sure there are a lot! it could be your annoying friend in school or maybe piles of projects given by your professors? Guess what! I hate projects too, but there is one project that I surely love. I love it because the fashion design students had to design and make pre- colonial inspired outfit, so my group mates made pre-colonial attires for the barbie dolls while I made the accessories.

Pre- Colonial Inspired Necklaces by Me

1.  Espana/ Spain

* this necklace is made out of felon fuse and 5 cents

The necklace has 5 cents on it because  the Spaniards lived by the motto: Gold, God and Glory so I was assuming that they were materialistic and they loved money.

2.  India

It looks Indian because of the big gold sequins and blue stone

3.  Austronesian

The tribal pebbles/ rocks and  the brown paper tassels made it look ethnic

I'm sure there are students out there who hates having a project because the project seems useless, but we should still do our best in doing it  no matter how senseless that project is.

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