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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Basic Maquillage!

My first day at Maquillage Professionel was great! The teacher (Mio Robles) and my classmates are all friendly and nice, the studio was very inviting and all the make-up and make-up tools that we'll be needing for the demo class are all provided for us, sounds great right? 

These are the foundations that we are using for demo class after the lecture. They are all from Make-up Forever <3

For the first day of class, We learned basic steps of applying make-up. Just like most girls, one of my daily routine is putting foundation before I leave the house, but according to my teacher we must cleanse our face, tone and moisturize before we put foundation or powder on our face.

After the lecture we move onto demo then the fun part, the hands on activity. I really love the hands on activity because we get to develop our skills and we apply the things that we've learned from the lecture. What's more fun is that once the teacher notice that you have the skills and the talent of applying make-up, they will give you an internship, which motivates students to do well.

The demo

So this is my teacher showing us how to apply make- up in a right way.

Basic steps of putting Make-up

1. You have cleanse, tone and moisturize

2. Conceal black spots, red spots and other blemishes using concealer

3. Put foundation on your face

4. Put lose powder

My Masterpiece :))

This is our house help, ate Rosie I made her my model!

I really encourage you guys to attend workshops or seminars because I believe that  knowledge should continue to expand and these workshops/ seminar / conference is the thing we need to help us grow.

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