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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Yellow

What is yellow and hot? If you're thinking its the sun you're partly correct but I was referring to me, I was joking you probably think I'm arrogant now. Anyway, I really can't think of a good title for my blog post right now, maybe you have a good title in mind, feel free to share your ideas in the comment box.

Yellow A-shape top from Human

I never thought that navy blue and yellow can be a good combination. Anyway, this is me portraying the role of the sun (yellow & hot) again, I was kidding! please bear with my corny jokes.

Wedges from Charles and Keith

I'm not a professional model but in my experience of joining few modeling contests I've learned that having a good posture is also important when posing infront of the camera.

leatherettes from Top Shop

Try wearing leatherettes! it's very comfortable and it makes you look sexy

So again if you have any good titles in mind please do post a comment in the comment box, I'd really appreciate it if you do! XxXx

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