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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Copy Cat!

Denise's Version

Skirt from the Ramp

Top from Dorothy Perkins

Does this style look familiar to you? Probably not, but I was copying Anne Curtis' style in preview magazine, I wasn't really planning to , but the idea just popped out my mind when I was looking for an outfit to wear in school. It's not really obvious because her outfit was green and she's way prettier than I am but it doesn't matter it won't stop me from copying her style.

Anne's Version

I told you I was copying her! Only that her outfit is green and she's wearing a butterfly collar

Since I don't have a pearl nuggets headband I got a headband that's close to it.

If you happen to like somebody's outfit  you really don't have to copy the exact same thing that she's wearing, try looking at your closet ,look for clothes that's close to it and add something, maybe a jewelry so that it won't be obvious that you're a copy cat ;))

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