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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do the Funk!

Hi guys! this is my outfit in school today with a bolero of course, because we're not allowed to show off some skin in school. Anyway, if you're wondering why I named the title of my blog post as such is not because I'm smelly but because of my outfit, which is very colorful and hip, in my own opinion.

Top from Callezione

Some of you might be familiar with my top! its because it used to be a dress from Collezione and I redesigned it because I don't like dresses that much.

Necklace from Powerplant Mall

We all know that being funky means being unconventionally hip, so that is why I wore my shutter shades!

According to my friend fashion is a self expression, so do not be afraid to be judge by others on how you dress, always remember that you are wonderfully made.

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