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Monday, April 2, 2012

Stage Girlfriend

Most of us are familiar with the word stage mother, but we rarely hear people saying the word stage girlfriend! I can say that I was a stage girlfriend yesterday for attending Chjog's graduation and I'm very very proud of it and of course being at your best is a part of being a stage girlfriend, that's why I make sure that I'm wearing an appropriate outfit.

So, this is what I was wearing yesterday I hope you guys find the dress pretty. :)

body-con dress from Sala Bianca

To create harmony and unity on earth, make sure that the color of the shoes that your going to wear is  the same or has some of the color of your dress.

Ankle booties from St. Francis Square Tiangge

I'm really a monochromatic person, that's why I make sure that the color of my bag is also the same with my dress.

I really can't think of a good accessory to match my outfit except for black and gold, but black is too mainstream that's why I chose to wear my gold chunky necklace + my lightning bolt earrings.

Necklace from XOXO
Earrings from K8 Los Angeles

Girlies, always remember that in every occasion and parties we have to look good!

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