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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Express Yourself!

How do you express yourself? There are lots of ways to express yourself and one of them is posing in front of the camera. Ever since I was a kid, probably 3 years old I  already love posing in front of the mirror and also the camera and I never outgrew that habit! Let's face it most of us always wanted to be a model but not  most of us will be in the modeling industry because it's really a tough competition but don't be disheartened because even if you can't be a model in the modeling industry you can always be one! All you have to do is hire a photographer, developed your confidence, pose in front of the camera and publish it in any networking sites and who know's you might be discovered in any modeling agency.

When posing in front of the camera you have to be confident, you have to feel like a real model!

Purse from Juicy Couture

Be creative! Communicate with your body to establish different poses.

Top from the Ramp

Flaunt your accessories and your clothes, pretend that your selling your outfit!

Wrist watch from Juicy Couture

Be creative by using props in your pictures! It helps attract viewers.

Someday or maybe right now, there are people who will discourage and bring you down but you don't have to listen to the things that they are going to say because you're the one who's making your dreams not them! Don't let yourself be a shadow.

"The More You Blow, The Higher I Go!"

- Maria Montessori-

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