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Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet Trixie!

Trixie is not human and not even an animal, she's a thing! She's my very first make-up trolly. Some of you may not know but besides being a fashion designer, one of my dreams is also to become a good make- up artist that's why I'm starting it now by taking up classes at Maquillage Proffessional studio and buying things that I'll be needing to become a good make-up artist someday. I know it might be too early to purchase tools for future use but its worth it because these things are for your personal use also. Anyway, my mom and I bought Trixie at the Super Sale bazaar last sunday and I'm really really happy about it! I feel like I'm a professional make up artist now.

Trixie's Anatomy

Her "SELF"- for those of you who do not know what a self is it's a fashion term referring to the front face of a bag.

One of the reasons why I love Trixie is because she has lots of opening and you can also lock her to make sure that the other tools and make-up are safe.

* You can also see here that you can put as many brushes as you like

Trixie is like a room she has sliding drawers and a mirror!

You can place more things under the sliding drawers!

You can put your powder puff, foundation and etc. inside

You can also put more lipstick since its very spacious

* One more thing that's good about her is that you can customize her! I realize that God has perfect timing for everything! There's this time in my life where I wanted to buy a make-up kit worth 11K ,but a part of me is telling me not to, so I didn't then after a year I found Trixie and I didn't hesitate to buy it because my mom was there and Trixie is kinda cheap! Always remember to think twice before purchasing.

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