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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thank God its Friday

Last night was such a blast! My friends and I went to T.G.I.F party held at the Grove Rockwell, Pasig  near Tiendesitas. Even though only a few people attended the party, I still had fun because of the beer pong, fuzz ball, Wii, games and dancing. The place is really nice! the parking area was big and there's a big veranda where you can chill with your friends, I'm actually thinking of having my debut there if my parent's budget allows.

The Challenges!

1. The Beer Challenge

At the party one of the games was the beer challenge! The three chosen challengers had to finish the beer and whoever finishes first wins a watch.

Who's your bet? Who do you think won?

2. The 15 shot challenge

Just like the beer challenge, the chosen contestants in the 15 shots challenge had to finish all the 15 shots and whoever finishes first wins! It's really funny seeing the people watch the challengers, all the people in front backed off scared to be puked at.

Before the dancing and the dj's scratching their disks, there was a best dress contest the winner of the best dress contest wins a 2000 worth of gift certificate! Not so bad right? So that was basically my friday, how was your friday?

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