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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something to Nothing!

Have you ever experienced being excited about something then it turned out to be nothing? Well, I have! Just yesterday,  my friend and I were supposed to audition for the coolest job ever and so, I made sure that I'm well dressed. Suddenly, I received a message from my friend that we need a full body picture and a headshot, which we don't have. Sadly, we had to stay at home and just audition next week.

My Outfit!

 My mom is my stylist, she advises to wear something plain for my bottom if my top has lots of prints!

Top & shorts: Desigual

I wore my favorite blazer because I didn't wanna show too much skin and they're the new trend these days!

Blazer: Kristina Plastinina

Every time I go out, I make sure that my bag matches the color of my top/ pants just for fun!

Bag: longchamp

Even though that day didn't turned out what I expected it to be, I still thank GOD because I believe that everything has a purpose and  I know that HE has great plans for us!

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