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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three in One

You might be thinking that pink is my favorite color because of my top and my headbands, but you guessed it wrong. My favorite color is actually purple, but it doesn't matter because I'm here to blog about different accessories with the same top. You'll notice in the picture that I'm wearing different headbands with the same top, you guys should try it because its really really fun although I should warn you about carrying additional baggage.

If I'm the girl who carries lots of accessories during fashion shows and pictorials, you should see my friend, diane! she carries 3 pairs of shoes, and lots and lots of accessories during our fashion shows but just like me, she doesn't mind carrying all those as long as she look stunning on the ramp.

I might not be the wisest person in the world ,but I suggest for you guys to bring lots of accessories and different pairs of shoes during pictorials so, that you're photographer won't get fed up with your outfit and you'd look fresh!

flats: Tint

Every time I go out of the house I make sure that the color of my top has the same color of my shoes, that's just the way I am!

Whether you heed my advice or not, Express your girliness by wearing different accessories, just be responsible enough not to lose them.

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