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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ain't No Steamed Rice

     Just like me, today was probably what most Benildeans had been waiting for and that is the "first day of school". The thought of me seeing my friends, meeting new people, having the opportunity to learn something new and dressing up for school really made me excited about it. 

   I must admit that I didn't had a good start last school year because of my violations of wearing inappropriate attire and to make things right, I chose to wear something simple today.

I didn't wanna look too plain like steamed rice so, I wore my studded tank top.

Remember: Don't Be Like Steamed Rice! Look for nice accessories or clothes that are eye catching.

Tank top; Kids of Bayo

I was supposed to wear my leather jacket, but I didn't wanna look badass that's why I wore my cardigan instead.

Cardigan: M)phosis

If you think that your top is too flashy, there's no need to wear big chunky necklaces

Remember: Don't be to OA! Don't wear huge necklaces if you think you're earrings are too long.

flats; Payless

I'm happy of my get up today because its simple but funky! Thanks to my earrings and my studded top.

Earrings: Claire's

Just like me, you probably had violations in school but I believe that it's never too late change! Change your bad habits as early as now because in the end it will also be you who'll suffer the consequences.

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