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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


If you're wondering why I named my post as such is not because I repeated high school or something, but because I wanna give advice on how to avoid being an outfit repeater!

I'm pretty sure that you've  seen me wear this top from my other post! it's  because it's my favorite top and I don't think that i'll ever get fed up with it. 

I gotta admit that I also repeat outfits once in awhile, but I make sure that it won't obvious by matching my top with a different bottom or vice versa.

To avoid repeating an outfit, borrow you're sister's clothes if you're as big as her!

Sorry for my ugly toe nails! Anyway, for me it really matters that the color of my shoes is the same as the color of my bottom or my top. Just imagine, the top that i'm wearing in the picture + brown pants and green shoes, wouldn't that hurt your eyes? I bet you wouldn't bother to look at me.

Just like my clothes, I also plan the accessories that i'm going to wear. I make sure that it matches my outfit and its stylish before I jet.

Accessories: Cosmopolitan/ Top: topshop/ Pants: topshop/ Wedges: Staccato

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