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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Worth It

Once upon a time, there were three travelers who went to 7th high. Suddenly, a big fat bouncer blocked there way in and asked for a valid I.D. Unfortunately not all of us remembered to bring one and so they waited for a few hours until they decided to leave and go to another bar. They effortlessly got in but also decided to leave the place very soon because the people there were not there crowd! For the second time around, they tried going to 7th high. Thanks to a very good staff of 7th high, they got in. See how adventurous my night was? We weren't really expecting to get in, but we did!

So  this is my friends and I at my place getting ready to party!

To heat up the dance floor, we decided to have smokey eyes for our make-up!

A party wouldn't be a party without flashy clothes!

At first our night didn't turned out really well, but we stayed positive and hopeful  and because of that our bad night turned out to be something awesome!

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