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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Better Brown!

Last last month if I'm not mistaken was our photo shoot at Modelo Pilipinas' studio for our zed card. We we're ask to bring 3 casual outfit and 1 semi- formal. So for today's post, I'm only posting two of my outfit  because I wasn't able to get the other two sets.

The Better Brown!

Here's my two casual outfit. Between the two, which do you think is better?

My top on the left side is definitely more pricey than the one on the right, but it doesn't mean that it's better because it's more pricey. To me, both are equally the same just like us in GOD's eyes! We're all equal.

They are both equal to me because I believe that we shouldn't stick to one outfit, we should take the risk to mix and match our clothes.

Top: Topshop/ Brown pants: Topshop/ Bracelet with charms: Pandora/ Leather bracelet: Kids of Bayo/ Watch:Aldo

Top: Forever 21/ Stripes shorts: Forever 21/ Hoop Earrings with pendants: Apostrophe

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