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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Black & White

Did you know that black and white are not colors? According to my teacher in physics, black is the absence of light ,while white reflects colors and I'm here to blog about my outfit, which you'll notice is black and white.

Just like a book, fashion also has themes! Try to guess my theme and try to incorporate your own.

Now that you thought of your outfit's theme. Try working it out by looking for clothes, accessories and shoes that will match your outfit's theme.

Make sure that your blings / accessories are appropriate to your chosen theme!

If colors bring life to objects and so is make-up to your outfit's theme for make-up enhances every part of your face.

Wedges: Stella Luna/ Leatherettes: Top Shop/ Top: M)phosis/ Accessories: Kids of Bayo, Aldo, Pandora

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