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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bling It On!

It is true that diamonds are women's best friend, but with me,who is still dependent on mommy and daddy  and still doesn't earn that much money these are my best friends:

Bling KaChing

For an Indian Style of fashion, I usually wear this top with lots of bangles.

 Hippies are advocates of mother earth, so try to look for native looking accessories such as wooden bracelets/ earrings or feather earrings and other stuff.

To achieve Bohemian style of fashion, get yourself feather earrings, accessories that are associated to nature and huge earrings.

Just like my top, I also wanted my accessories to be fierce so I chose to match it with my lightning bolt earrings for striking people, my fuchsia nail ring for scratching boys, who'd go near me and the leopard print s** bands as some people would call it!

Kidding about striking and scratching people, I'm not a violent person :))

If a top is colorful, colorful accessories are must- havessssssss!

A touch of gold for a white top is just what we need for a clean and elegant look!

I wanted to try a monochromatic look that's why I matched my brown top with brown accessories.

For me pink, purple and orange are great combinations for lime green and that's why I matched my accessories that have these colors with my lime green top.

When clubbing, Silver and gold accessories are important to wear!

Bangles: Terranova/ Big Blue Earrings: K8 Los Angeles/ Small feather earrings, Rose earrings & cuff earrings: Top Shop/ Leopard print s** bands: On The Verge/ Lightning bolt earrings: K8 Los Angeles/ Fuchsia nail ring: Top Shop/ Multicolored circle beads bracelet: Claire's/ Multicolored dangling earrings: Aldo Accessories/ Pink studded bracelet: Terranova/ Heart necklace: Forever 21/ Different earrings: Accessorize/ Heart dangling earrings: Forever 21/ Dice and coins necklace: The Bead shop/ Leather Bracelets: Kids of Bayo/ Pink dangling earrings: Aldo Accessories/ Pink and black button earrings; Terranova/ Multicolored button earrings: Aldo Accessories/ Diamond silver earrings: Yhansy/
Triangular earrings: Forever 21

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