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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hippie Clothes- The Denise Style!

Do you guys like Pocahontas? If you do, I'm sure you'll love hippie clothes! Hippie clothes are a bit similar to Pocahontas' style its just that it's more modern. In Hippie fashion you have to wear bell bottom pants, pants and vest with fringes, headband with flowers, huge belt and anything that has peace sign.

My Hippie Style!

I really don't want to be a copy cat here as much as possible I want to be 100% original, so I made my own interpretation of hippie fashion. Instead of wearing top that has floral prints and fringes, boots and headband with flowers, I chose to wear my printed self cropped top, hippie band and strappy shoes for 
the soles of my feet.

Big earrings: K8 Los Angeles/ Foot wear: Nine West/ John Lennon Shades: MNG/ Baggy pants: M)phosis

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