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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Journey of Loosing Weight

You see guys, one of my dreams is to have a body like hers

Isn't she pretty? Well, I believe that I can and I will achieve that dream very soon because right now, I'm on my journey of loosing weight!

I wanna be slim so bad that I bought magazines for tips and inspiration and they've helped me a lot! They share testimonials that move you and also have great exercises that aren't so hard to do.

I've really learned a lot from reading fitness magazines and one of the things I've learned from it is to eat an apple before lunch! According to that magazine, people who eat apples before lunch eat fewer calories.

 For a healthy and happy body, have a tea and almonds! I started drinking tea 3 months ago and I feel great about it.
I decided to drink tea because when I was in HK I noticed that the people there are mostly thin and I thought that maybe they're thin because they love to drink tea.

If you're wondering what this is! This is what I call an Idol board. I have Heart, Leighton, Anne, Georgina and Miranda's pictures. I have it because they're obviously my idol, I dream of having their body and they inspire me to get it. I also have a big picture of Jesus in the middle because He should be our no. 1 idol, our one and only idol actually! 

This is me when I was in 3rd year high school (left side of the photo) then I exercised and took up a dietary supplement  and I lost  lots of weight when I was in 4th year (right side of the photo) 

Everything in college is fun except for the fact that you gain weight! I gained some pounds last year when I was 1st year college (left side of the photo) and I became insecure about myself! I noticed cellulites showing up in my thighs so I decided to get toned and the result was ok so far, this is me now (right side of the photo) :)

My body is like a yo-yo you know! I loose weight, I gain weight and I loose it again, which is really bad! So I suggest to diet slowly because if you do it fast you'll instantly gain your fats back.

Today's Verse:

"To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice."

Proverbs 21;3